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welcome to our channel my name is orell mckenzie and in this video i going to share with you or exactly to upload your website for hosting to i page and this channel I teach social media marketing and help you solve the everyday tech problems in all I share my knowledge with you because I strongly believe that knowledge is power and I want to employ you all so if it your first time here I love for you to subscribe to our channel if you always wondering how exactly to upload your files currently any web hosting this video is for you so all you got to do is stay tuned Music so um for iPage they have their own ftp uploader we can use it to upload your own files to their hosting but I don particularly like it I don use it because it take a long time to upload the files so what I do is that I download my own and upload the files so what I use is this I use win SCP file uploader to upload my files to the website I find that upload the file is very faster it very