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welcome to Chris storytelling corner Music this is Christopher mould on today I going to do a movie review for the Chinese movie beautiful accident be sure to check out my reading of my short story the next level as well next time I have a manga review for your line April volumes one two three a list for the top katana users in anime and manga and in a few weeks a movie review for spider man homecoming you can check out my office website at www extracareanimalhospital net check out my twitter page and the office facebook page links to all these will be provided in the description and don forget to subscribe share and comment to the SoundOff you on youtube or follow share and comment on this channel if you listening to this on soundcloud if you listening to this on itunes or stitcher please rate review and sit share this channel so here the synopsis for beautiful accident single and career driven attorney is given a second chance in life following a fatal car crash and the span of 7 days she finds herself taking on a new life where she assumes the role of