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welcome to the popcorn talk Network for the online broadcast network that features movie discussion news and interviews press one popcorn talk we talk movies in a world when action movies are constantly exploding at the box office our heroes take on the monumental task of dissecting and analyzing all aspects of action between us to truly understand what it takes to make a great action film Ben Bateman Andrew guy in a popcorn talk Network exclusive this is action movie Anatomy everybody welcome to the show there a great part in the song you gonna hear in just a second but four three two one God perfect we should cut right yeah that be great amazing so that if you guys don know the film that we doing on today episode a little movie I like to call go back yes this is a film from 1995 this is action movie Anatomy on the popcorn talk network the online broadcast network dedicated to talking movie things and all things movie related I your host Ben Bateman joined today by my pastel shirt purple tie wearing co creator co host and great buddy mr Andrew guy great body where he