Ford Focus electric


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oh my name is mark Lucas I work for Ford Motor Company I want to tell you a little bit today about the focus electric vehicle and we not released the official range numbers and as we speak today but we expect our fuel economy to be comparable with our competition so we looking at a number of around about a hundred miles rain 260 kilometers we have two batteries in the vehicle there a battery underneath the vehicle and one in the trunk the battery is a liquid called this has numerous benefits when we charging a vehicle overnight it gives us the opportunity to use the electricity from the mains to either warm or call the battery depending on the outside temperature and it also allows us then to operate the vehicle with the batteries at a good temperature this am allows maximum performance from the batteries and also preserve the longevity of the batteries we also have the ability to precondition the cabin such that when you leaving home for example seven o in the morning we able to give you a cabin at a temperature that you desire the batteries are 23 kilowatt hour I prism