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all right what going on everybody so I went to see the amazing spider man 2 couple days ago and I gonna give you my review on it let me just tell you up front in a nutshell I did not really like the movie I honestly really didn now let me just talk about the problems and their gripes I had with it the first problem I had with it wasn necessarily the movies fault but it was more about the marketing and advertising of this movie if you watched all of the trailers for this movie you have probably seen anywhere from like sixty to eighty percent of all the significant action sequences you know what gonna happen and when it gonna happen based on those trailers those trailers gave like completely gave the movie away and so when you went to see the movie and all these cool parts were happening you are like okay so that it saw that in the trailer sold saw that already yep saw that so that wow it amazed me that they can release just you know a few minutes worth of trailers and give everything away from this movie now