Rhinestone, Crystal, Baguette stud die mold demo for the hand press machine


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I very excited about this next day I going to demonstrate it it really fantastic it the dye for the Rhinestone they called brine stones gems sometimes crystals beg axe but this dye in particular is specifically designed to set rhinestones glass rhinestones now I would say they delicate yet durable very hard to set by hand or with anything besides this dye it really perfect if you have protection in mind so I going to demonstrate that now and this is available at Minkus Margo on eBay and Etsy right now there are some different sizes to choose from again I been stressing this in every video after you get your dye in set it it very important so I have that in and I going to take one of my rhinestones and really you don have to treat it like glass I be careful with it but you don have to worry you can put it on almost anything and it won break just placing it in the top part of the die sliding my square through there you go it really a stunning stone they said that some pins are called crystals it got the silver trim