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hi guys this is just a quick product review on my favorite moisturizer to use for my winter dry skin this product is called Egyptian magic and I picked this up at sprouts used to be known as Henry but you could also get this online if you don have a sprouts near you and this stuff is really cool it is a solid form and then what you supposed to do is you know get a little bit onto your hand I just going to use my Neil to grab some and then I put it onto the palms of my hands and then I just rub and then it turns into a liquid form and then you can rub that on to your skin I use it on my legs because in the mill the night my legs get really dry and then they so dry that I actually wake up with scrapes from my nails scraping on my legs so it does go on a little thick and greasy it does have a greasy feel to it but when you wake up it deeply deeply moisturizes your skin this is great for putting on your elbows and