2018 Harley Davidson Key Fob Pin Change & Quad Lock Review - Harley Softail Street Bob


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Music okay guys so today I going to talk about the how change the code on your key fob it a bit of a tricky procedure and I couldn really find anything online to do it and the instructions in the manual are easy enough but I think a video is obviously the quickest and easiest way to learn anything so the procedure is you turn the bike on alright then you go on off on off left left and that will come up there enter PIN so then you turn the right signal once and it will give you what there beside the moments all sixes so I change it to one two three four five six so what we do is with the left turn signal you move it until it goes to the desired number so one then right to move across and then just flick again two three for five then once it done click it again on the right so you get back to the first one and then you just turn it off and that it it done so I yeah it pretty simple but uh it you know something that I would have