Sony A73 vs A7S2 & A7R3 High ISO comparison [VIDEO MODES]


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what up guys this is the new Sony a7 3 and today we going to be doing some ISO tests with it so many of Canada was kind enough to lend us one of these so yeah let just get right into it ISO tests against the a7s2 a7 are three and the nikon d750 so first off we gonna do the test in full frame mode on all four cameras now keep in mind that the d750 doesn actually shoot 4k it only shoots 1080p so you notice a bit of a difference in resolution and we starting with ISO 1600 just because anything below that is pretty similar across cameras Music Music Music so the d750 s super noisy has expected really it just kind of there to fill the frame in for reference so at 32 000 you can kind of see the a7 3 seems less noisy than the other two it actually seems cleaner than the a7 s 2 here we skip the r3 because it doesn go in further than 32 000 Music and don mind the banding too much but focus a little bit on the left side here you see there actually