TurboTax I Can't Put My W2 Information Fix (Turbotax Not Allowing Me To Put My W-2 Info FIX) 2019


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ladies and gentlemen my name is Jimmy moon Chang here and today I want to teach you how to be able to put in your w 2 forms without trying to be conned or persuaded to buy a service that you don need when it comes to turbo tax this is so frustrating ladies and gentlemen and I gonna show you exactly what happened here when you go to let go when you in wages and income you won get the let go get started right then it says hmm look like we hit a slot and snag in this section here try again okay oh you doing awesome okay have you heard we have real CPAs or EA who can help you do your taxes this year continue you don need that but they have to offer you to service a hundred and thirty nine ninety nine okay guess what happens when you click no thanks watch this right here it says again our CPAs blank blank blank are here to change your mind don change your mind ladies and gentlemen just push skip for now guess what happens look right exit deductions and credits you can even put