Numba 1 Stunna @ 106 & Park


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Michigan gonna have no no faith to it yes sir it a logo and a brand I really started rich man because I felt like me personally um I can see myself a couple more years dick grabbing the microphone and then when I want for myself I into a female project like father like son now rewinding Drake gone through a big time without but I want to still be able to do music without me having a video so I came up with the rich gang so when I not doing this my nephew could do it rich gang out my name got to be a part of it it ain about a face as a friend and I was just looking at myself you know I be trying to plant right get ya like in a few years when I with the mic like that it still that something everyone will always represent me look at what we done and what we don its equivalent their pyramid done was built they still have my finger on the ability to put the numbers that we do just like trying to find the treasure with no map you gotta