Cedar's roasted red pepper hummus


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a my Legion how y doing today I here today with a review of seeders roasted red pepper hummus and this was 250 from walmart i got the dip with some ah make butter crackers these are the ones left over from last hummus for you i did and i got up i wanted to mention someone a guy named brian kelly come on my last one he said that this I did the seizures artichoke spinach one he said their hummus had made my hometown or the roasted red pepper and pine nut flavors of my favorite so I get the roasted red pepper I do love peppers these are bell peppers I do believe not hot peppers even though I did have the spicy how much which I really like him time sabra I said this is the leader there a loan cheaper than Sabra summers like 20 298 this is 250 let give it a shot vantastic i love how creamy they rich and creamy their helmet says let try with some of the roasted red bell pepper a there mom absolutely delicious let fantastic nice and fresh tasting some good treat nice and cold good treat