*Plant 'Flame' Mimosa Trees* +Correctly+Albizia julibrissin+


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the mimosa tree is a beautiful fast growing flowering tree that can grow to a mature height of 30 feet the mimosa tree can grow as much as 3 feet in a year and the tropical look of the fern like leaves is very desirable to the homeowner who likes to grow long grass underneath the filtered shade the shape of the mature tree has that exotic oriental windblown look that is asymmetrical the mimosa tree is a legume and can enrich the soil with nitrogen fixing bacteria that grow in soil around the roots the flowers of the mimosa are unique in form and can vary in color from red to pink and rarely white the most popular flower color is the rosy red and the exotic stamens are clustered narrow filaments that glitter like silk threads and the tree is also called the silk tree the mimosa tree is cold hardy to New York and thrives as far south as Florida well adapted for most soil profiles the mimosa tree easily sustains its vigor through extended droughts during the fall the leaves change to a glowing yellow color and a tiny leaflets disappeared quickly into the grass requiring