SHTF Ammo Supply (Part 2): High Security Storage


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Music suburban Sentinel here with a follow up to our initial video on ammunition storage and logistics you probably see bellow the camera catchers getting in on the act in the background there anyway in that video we discussed five competing goals or interests involved in ammunition storage namely security access longevity Portability and efficiency in packaging we also discussed that there is no one way or storage method of satisfying all of those goals and the best we can do is to use a variety of different packaging and preservation methods to achieve a balance in this video we be focusing on the security aspects of ammunition storage and note that we still in the theory and planning stages we get to the nitty gritty how to in future videos in discussing ammunition security I am referring to protection from theft or casualty I have two different strategies for protecting my ammunition against theft or other type of casualty the first of which is what I call brute force security and essentially what I talking about our guns safes we not talking about small gun safes just designed to hold one handgun we talking about the floor models that