2013 Ford Flex - 2011 Los Angeles Auto Show


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this is the 2013 Ford Flex introduced at the 2011 LA Auto Show if you already familiar with Ford boxy wagon is seven passenger van thing you probably already noticed the refreshed cars modestly tweaked nose which features smooth edges and a removal of that pesky Ford oval we think the refreshed flex looks modern we also think the badging the nose might help the Flex pass a some sort of funky Range Rover minivan concept for 2013 the base v6 engine sees a 20 horsepower increase making a grand total of 285 while also delivering improved fuel economy numbers of 18 city and 25 highway the higher level EcoBoost engine carries on unchanged that with 355 horsepower and all wheel drive were not complaining inside the 2013 Flex benefits from modest interior tweaks along with the latest generation of my Ford touch Ford advanced information and entertainment interface the original my Ford touch was plagued with sloth like performance and frequent frozen screens we haven played with the new version much but fingers are crossed that it operates for that issue living up to the high expectations we had for the original MyFord Touch elsewhere a host of new