Silent Hill Revelation 3D- My Reaction & Review of The Film [Movie Eye]


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hi won movie I now let go the way you pretty much six years six years for a movie called Silent Hill revelation now saw a revelation it a sequel for silent hill now if you haven seen in 2006 Silent Hill go watch it is a really good movie a really good out of touch for the video game but this sequel was like you really like what the thought did dumb i was very disappointed now i have my like this is my reaction you know i like a lot of people loved it like i had a few friends even my girlfriend left the movies like oh that really good to be and i was like not really come on i might be the only one who strike play the video games do not let me tell you something salient revelation displays about a few years after so no one I mean it was really confusing I mean at first like I I don know why I don even know the plot either I mean it just like I mean what the hell is going on I mean I could have liked it it was a different