How To Use Reverb And Delay (For Beginners) [In Under 5 Minutes]


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so I want to give a brief overview of reverb and delay and their purpose so the purpose of reverb is to help ed to mention some space to a sound reverb is basically just a whole lot of delays happening all at once at slightly different times as opposed to delay plug in here where we mostly use the delay as an echo porno delay or eighth note delay or whatever delay you using so there basically two ways to set this up so I have the compressor eq and the vocal set up here just the basic and you can open up a reverb plugin you don want to really do mono usually almost always you putting reverb in stereo and you notice the over here this change from a mono to a stereo output track as well as right here I usually am against putting a reverb in a plug in chain like this usually I like to send it out to its own send but I going to show you how you do it in case you didn want to do it this way see that sounds really reverb e sounds like he in a well