Galaxy S8 Plus Vs LG G6 Vs HTC U Ultra Ultimate Battery Test | SHOCKING RESULTS !! | MUST WATCH !!


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what up youtubers just as their community computers consider that time again to do the ultimate battery test today guys I going to do a battery test on only three devices I already done better test on a lot of phones so check out my youtube channel if you want to see your device battery test ah but today guys I going to do the ultimate better test with the galaxy s 8 plus which is a thirty five hundred billion battery I got the HTC you ultra a 3000 milliamp battery and I got the LG G 6 3300 milliamp battery right now I got them all plugged in there 100 I got them all so we will do is we gonna unplug them put them up and see what it all about so get your popcorn ready and follow me on this journey let go Music what up guys this is that begin with another video so let go to stop booting up all these devices and what I to do is on the galaxy s 8 but make sure to show you guys that I having on quite a steep alright guys so let order get this