Steel Battalion Heavy Armor, All action demo level walkthrough with butcherboytoma


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Oh guys butcher boy showing up right steel battalion this is the actual level in the demo and it is extremely good I enjoyed it thoroughly it literally shite flying all over the place it brilliant so I just let you watch this first little bit here they not letting loose on the blood and snot like it spread your blood and snot in there look at that just cut of it all get down chef right so what ends were mech and it not looking in the best of help to start with we see what we can do here as I said on the air on the demo part of it the controls going to be finicky I turned off all the the Horde etc so nothing highlighted in the game now so it all nice and natural so I just having to feel around see what going on get any engines kicked off their will start not ready to go and this is a bit of did I keep doing this bloody thing right so get me cell layer zoomed in there I met on the top of the beach haven I gun of that as you