ipsyMe It Cosmetics CC+ Radiance Palette Review


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hey youtubers welcome back to Rosie reviews well today we going to take a look at another MC meet offer as you can tell i love the Ipsy me offers and today we going to take a look at the it cosmetics color correcting radiance palette now this if see me offer was another twenty dollar offer which is common standard price for most of all their offers this regularly retails for thirty eight dollars on the cosmetics site so that was a forty seven percent discount which is great so we going to break this open and take a look at the palette it in very good packaging because it really hard to get open you know this is a powder palette which i show you here in a moment and when it was shipped to me in the Ipsy mailer it was not only packed in the Ipsy mailer bubble wrap but it was also ee wrapped inside of the mailer to make sure that it it got here safe and sound so that was really good alright we devouring and destroying this packaging to get it out but that okay all right here is the a cosmetics