Ford C-MAX long-termer review - Alex Goy does London to Geneva


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right is Monday the 28th is obreon home about strike Jones thought c max all the waste neither completely the fuel as possible it all packed up ready for a week skiing and a few days Motor Show as well so hopefully we get there in one piece gentlemen press your stop yeah that how many miles we done that our average mpg let see if we can up the mpg and the miles at the same time oh yeah from the pride of Kent big thanks to P you know when the club lounge very very plush in here love it to bits now it got us a seat and wait to get to France but thankfully I have PE right well we on the boat this is a well that what we achieved in the UK I got several hundred miles to go yet so we got what 1337 point to master gallon 100 point seven miles of distance covered since trip zero and we have that much fuel left barely enough Calais on a motorway order good however you wish to say it and half the roads closed off which means I stuck behind a lorry with