Cadbury's Crunchie Chocolate Bar Review


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hello won talk about safe in our video review this time we have the Camrys crunchy 50b and yes so when is good luck well known for its okay forget the guessing the Friday feeling it a Saturday so I pop a Friday feeling and I sure this will bring you back to me mmm yes basically milk chocolate with the golden honeycomb sense nothing says it all so it basically the honeycomb is really all holy cone with a very thin layer of chocolate on top hence the name crunchy quite nice obviously other Cadbury purple certain areas very milk and it not there isn very hot mentioned at all on this so yeah I mind mmm miss Gordon lovely mmm Carrie wise 187 calories per bar 6 9 grams of fats 4 2 which etcetera and so yes a forty grams then so as always you know yes use under the 200 calorie barrier so it on the right side a very carries I think is puzzle concern yeah that a nice nice attractive bomber so it got a flourishes with the flourishes it is I been too scientific about 16 it about 16 min 16 and a