#TBT NCAA Football Dynasty With EA or 2K?


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what going on everyone this is smitty here and in this video I going to be doing a throwback College dynasty basically so my uploads for this series in particular they going to be coming on Thursdays and Saturdays because that mainly when we usually see collegiate football games so that when they be happening but I need it going to be between two football games here number one the game you see on screen NC double a 2008 playing this on ps2 and another game the other that i going to show you is the last game that was put out by 2k which was NCAA football 2 k 3 so both of these games solid gameplay in my opinion I mean you know of course NC double a is going to be a bit ahead here because it had a few more years of development out to this point with 08 vs 2 k 3 with the college so you know it going to have it this raw and rough shortcomings and you going to be able to see it when the video we once you see the gameplay snippet I have of it here but that besides