Building Packard Model Pt2 1/24 1930 Speedster


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hello welcome dance model works today today we are on part two of our classic packard boat tail speedster and as I explained last time this kit was started by my dad probably at least 33 35 years ago in part one we painted the chassis semi gloss black and we painted the engine parts so now we gonna start working on the basically the lower floor pan and the body okay here we go we ready to start painting these we have two main parts we got the main body and then we got the hood I already washed these parts in some just regular dish detergent some hot water then I made sure I rinse them off very very thoroughly main reason for doing that is to make sure there no finger print grease on them and even if you taking the parts right out of the box so it was a good idea to give them a wash because you never know they might have some old reliefs on them I have the mark and I have them mounted on some wooden blocks and this is looks like an old pill container or something like that the