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Wow it cold hey guys it Rieger reviews and when it cold you know it good you know what taste good it gonna be lemon shark pokey you want to know why because the rice is hot and the fish is raw come on in Music I guess I just taking the large right yeah see they it like hot rice so on a beautifully cold day like this hot rice is actually okay no but seriously I get scared that when the raw sushi is on the rice it kind of like cooks it too spicy one salmon one albacore a lot of that a lot yeah a little bit more hello don worry yeah a little bit more a little bit more it a little bit more yeah spicy mayo and then wasabi slight a little bit of a sabe not a lot and then a little bit of eel sauce and a little bit of ponzu I lied to you I lied a little bit of ponzu makes everything really tasty hey Daniel do you thanks I gonna tell you something right now one thing I cannot do is use chopsticks with the poke a mmm doesn