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hey guys last night I said that I was going on a long run to unwind at the end of the day and I realized as I was on my long run because it was the first really long run that I done in a while and i have been wearing these Brooks peer connects which I love but they they like a minimal shoe there not a lot to them and I decided the other day and while I was running last night that I going to do a longer race coming up here and in a while and I haven done anything like that in a long time it been a couple years since I done any really long distance races and I was like gosh I should probably get some more substantial shoes so that I don injure myself especially because I going to ramp up my mileage pretty pretty rapidly so I went out today to find a new pair of running shoes with a little more grit to I a little more cushioning a little more everything and man it is such a nightmare to go and find a new pair of shoes there are