Mod-01 Lec-13 Competing Through Service Quality


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Good afternoon, we continue with the series of our lectures on six sigma. We have a special topic today this has to do with quality in services. Almost two-third of our economy today is driven by various forms of services. And there are many examples if you see the kind of people who are involved in providing services. We have people in health care, they certainly are there and they have to make sure that the hospitals work correctly, the medical practitioners they get their help dentistry eye care. All of these are they fall in the category of service provision in the area of health care. Then we have professional service that is also a very large area in our economy. Accouters accounting, legal, architectural work even IT. All these again fall under the umbrella of professional services. Then we got financial services which are like banking, investment, advising, insurance and so on. These are also categorized now under services. Hospitality this has become a new sort of area. This is the very large area that has certainly grown and because of movement of people and lot of transactions taking place overseas and so on.