Tarsal Deer Scent Demo - Hunter's Specialties Tom Miranda's Signature Series Tarsal Supreme Scents


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hi I Travis and we here in eastern Pennsylvania looking at hunter specialties tarsal supreme this is a nice formula for peak Rutan you can use this to make mock scrapes you can use this to bring in the bigger bucks to think that another buck is in its territory the nice thing about this product is that it does come with an eyedropper so you not contaminating your scent with the scent that you want to put out what you want to do is try and get the bucks in to the point where he coming in and he thinking somebody else is stepping on his territory so I like to make a mock scrape usually between 15 to 17 yards out from my stand and check that maybe every time I come in I throw a couple drops in maybe one time I run a drag with it up to it but you never want to run it close to your tree stand so he doesn want to come in to where you are you want to keep him far enough away that you can get a shot at him what I like to do is I like