Perfume review Indian night jasmine by The body shop. 💐


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hi there and welcome to this review today I going to be reviewing Indian night jasmine by the body shop it erm kind of just a high street brandish not designer but I really like the smell of it so I thought I do a quick review now the body shop it was founded by Anita Roddick in 1976 and in 2012 they launched a collection called sense of the world and this is one of those particular fragrances from that collection it says when I stab a little look around the bottle first you see the name on the back just sort of okay bit of a plasticy cap but I do like the design on the bottle obviously I not even gonna die because that part of the review the caps crap the way that just did that I thought I can lift it up by it but it doesn it slips on slits off so that a interesting part of the review the cap is no good but let get back on track after that so it actually classed as a floral I personally would classes an oriental floral it got a really simple note breakdown it