How to set up Navionics charts on Lowrance HDS Carbon


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all right so today I going to show you how to get the most out of your Navionics cards with your Lawrence Units this is a carbon nhts carbon but it very similar on the HGS gen3 but there two things you want to do once you put your card in so this card is actually platinum card and a lot of people have questions about these micro SD s the micro SD is actually inside of the regular SD card that you get from Navionics so you have the the micro card already inside of it just pull it out and stick it in here so it will fit and you want to go and put it in the cart and the unit now there two things that you want to do like I said so this is what it looks like without any mapping very basic you know there there really nothing there so what you want to do to enable that is going to your menu you want to go into your chart options and then you want to go into your view and what you want to enable this is the most important thing is hitting