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oh we need to take it from this Boris over here oh no I feel terrible Boris sorry I did say sorry Boris I did say sorry hey guys Ritchie GameA back your way playing the prequel the ink demon 13 Isis appears to be a bending fan game I always liked going to game drop every now and then and it kisum use game drunk getting sleazier and sleazy seems like all the new games I coming out anyway let log into that but yes I came across this this is a few months old but happy and looks pretty cool I read like a little demon dude it a very cute kind of it also kind of terrifying as well apparently this game is by oxygen one of them plays which is very easy youtuber and this game is available in game trope very nights let find out what this is all about before yes I very OCD trying to get this video to well there a one in the devs names let get to one like big nights nice chair by the way I wanna call me Travis this guy he looks like a Travis tonight don