Tomb Raider Gameplay Guide to Survival - Lara Croft, Weapons, Puzzles, Skills


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Peggy 18 Lara Croft is one of the most iconic heroines in videogame history in this reimagining we go back to the very beginning to tell an origin story that takes the player on an incredible journey to discover how she becomes a Tomb Raider this video series will dive into the world of tomb raider exploring the harrowing challenges and decisions laura faces as she forced to survive Laura first adventure begins after she and her crew embark on what was supposed to be an adventure of a lifetime only to find themselves shipwrecked and left for dead on a mysterious island in the dragon triangle Lara Croft doesn begin as a fully accomplished and capable heroine she smart resourceful and full of potential in this episode we explore how Lara uses her wits to succeed and her smarts to become a survivor a key element of this new Tomb Raider is the base camp system base camps are the backbone of the game acting is the customization hub allowing us to develop and support the three core experiences within the game smart resourceful aura exploration and survival combat Lara needs to learn new skills and upgrade her weapons