The biggest tent trailer I have ever seen by Conqueror camper trailers :Overland Expo 2017


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so check this out I at Overland Expo in Flagstaff Arizona this is called the Conqueror and this is a trailer but this is not like any trailer you probably ever seen this thing is like a house I mean it has everything so here is what the conquer trailer looks like when it all packed up just like any other trailer you would pull behind a truck or SUV fairly compact but when you open this thing up it is humongous and you could actually sleep five people in here you got look at that you got room for a dining room this is just amazing you got a sink yeah yeah look at that yeah cups and spoons and everything you got stored for absolutely everything just like a house this is probably about the size of my condo I bought ten years ago there your freezer and it fully packed to ready for the weekend I think that you still have more storage over here tons and tons and tons of storage this is fantastic and a wet bar you got to have that and then can I go in there to get chicken so here the