KastKing Stealth Baitcasting Reel Review!


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keffe king sent me this real there been two times that I have agreed to review products because I believe they would help out the little guy which I all about or I could take their product and give it away and make some of you happy does what I do tell them is if you send that to me I going to tell the truth if it bad I going to say it bad if I can use it I going to say I can use it if I don want to use it because it too expensive and I can use something cheaper I tell them that to only two people after that only two companies have agreed to move forward one of them didn send me their product so I guess they change their mind this is a sweet product you know we can afford that this is the cast King stealth okay all this stuff was packed around it I will say this if you order something or at least if they send you something for a review it going to get packed well it coming to you when it came quick let have a look