Indigo Madrid Gran Via, Spain - Review of Executive Room 1007


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and I staying at via indigo matric gran via this is an executive room 1007 let start with the the bathroom first oh it has sleepy too kind of interesting you know like a green light so you know you don actually have you turn the lights on if you just you know go to wake we wash your hands was just a toilet what I do prefer actually tearing the turn lights on and here the rather tiny tiny bathroom I mean a shy one I Paula it getting to be played a cosmic light and he has his a lighter look of the bed permit fees so they have the a better line of stuff over here and cream I mean ball mount eat hair dryer and so here the room itself so here the bit so if actually um it nothing like a king it like a double bed and day here we having a like pocket I love the fact they have a small amenity of red one over here and spice Spanish meet over there we have a that not been a special machine is not know but it just one of these fake machines