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hello everyone Amy here on today on to time I going to do a tea tag I actually made of my auntie Todd because I looked at the other ones I didn quite enjoy it a lot of the questions seem very generic like do you prefer black tea it was safety and everybody answer should be loose leaf tea because back tees horrible and you serve tea more than dust it comes to tea so I kind of made up my own and corporated a few their questions that I actually liked so i put the questions down below in case you want to do it and also say the original person that i kind of thought up the tag give them credit for the few questions i took from there so let start first tee question is when did you get into tea and that would be in 2006 that when my mother dragged me to one of the local tea houses and I loved it so that my first identity actually had a Russian caravan it my first tee and thought it wasn easy so my fondest to memory is kind of collection of memories we had