New Food Product Hits & Misses | 18 Mar 2009


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hi I Phil Lempert with this week new product hits and the misses and it time to celebrate did you know this past Saturday was national potato chip day so guess what five new potato chips lay kettle cooked sharp cheddar flavor it now these chips taste great the actually are extra crunchy the flavor is fabulous so this should be one of my favorites but it not with over 25 ingredients including msg I just have to question why lays who has been at the forefront of companies switching to a few simple ingredients would come out with this product retails for 329 total score is 82 cape cod parmesan and garlic potato chips now these chips are cooked in a hundred percent canola oil which has the lowest saturated fat content of all the vegetable oils the flavor of parmesan and roasted garlic just doesn quite make it not sure if it because there not enough garlic or not enough parmesan but nothing stands out flavor wise this is a slightly thicker chip so it great to use for spreads or for dips retails for 349 total score is 82 terror kettles arrabbiata is a hit now what