Intro and Paper Review for 25th April 2017


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couple good morning and of course the morning is just stopping for some of us as we had on set to do it s TV set we guessing sunsets again this morning coyote Ladd gained good morning Heidi how you doing today good morning Victoria our today is what malaria day and so many things are happening and the world is telling Africa especially because I forgot there the large body of malaria oh and they want us to end malaria now we can wait to end malaria in this world we can with you and malaria in this part of the world and there so much to talk about on what malaria day also today we were looking at the argument by the the the senior lawyer that a fairly far know talking about the death penalty quite a lot to talk about today under who do justice to that just come and let get down to the real business will be back other than Sheldrake silver tears its today and FPV Music Music you you all right wonderful time you join us again that formally welcome you to civility sentence as a carry analysis in here to get