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before that white vans in particular the Vauxhall Vivaro the Nissen prima star and the renault trafic new models were launched in 2006 costing up to 20 000 pounds they become hugely popular for small businesses three different manufacturers three different bodies but one common problem a major design flaw that costing white band drivers thousands white vans driven all over the country by plumbers builders locksmiths or landscapers there are national institution there are hundreds of thousands of these light commercial vehicles on our roads and if you make your living as a trades person the chances are that your business relies on one of them to survive and that means keeping it in working condition is vital Anna Richards used hers to supply audio visual equipment to schools her white van of choice a 2 liter diesel Vauxhall Vivaro bought brand new for fourteen thousand pounds in 2008 we wanted a van which was going to be reliable we thought we just reach buying you one so we have that protection but after four years at a hundred and seven thousand miles the engines stopped working diagnosis the four fuel injectors had blown the fuel injectors do exactly