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what up guys welcome to my desk tour so as you may you may not know I actually got my three well my two other monitors now i have three monitors in total if you can do the maths and yes so i thought i just you run you through my desk tour now my desk setup and just show you you know exactly what i got going on i really happy with it could not be happier i loving it so yeah i thought i show you so move this horrible desk out of the way which i getting a new one off soon you can see first thing obviously it a 3 2 set up on here if we start from the very left so then all all three that are a tus ve 247 hechas 24 inch monitors full HD amazing for gaming they have two millisecond response times so I really really great for gaming and you know for everything else as well there an LCD TV with LED backlit in case you wanted to know that they have got little see if we can focus in they got little controls here like this and this