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today welcome back to truck TV I Garry Worrell well as you can see we out on the road again today this time we in Judy new mk6 automatic but with a little bit of a twist it been fitted with one of the new tilt tip tipping and tilting trade back bodies a very interesting piece of gear I gonna have a look at that in a little while the mk6 there a very good handling truck it really easy to get comfortable in plenty of adjustment in this seat steering wheel nice big easy to grip very clear lay up all you got is a speedo attacker fuel gauge temperature gauge and the rear brakes really for a day to day truck what more do you need your general field of view out the front is good as a sound I do have a little bit of an issue with the door mirrors creating some blind spots but apart from that there really nothing wrong with this truck as you can hear the can very well that the sound insulation is terrific they be ending there underneath this you can barely hear so it means that conversations when