Crisco All-Vegetable Shortening: What I Say About Food


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hi everybody i kimberly turner from cooking with kimberly calm and this is what I say about food this is what I say about Crisco all vegetable shortening this is what the tub looks like you can also get it in little boxes and smaller containers but we bake around here and we use a lot of Crisco we bake our buns make sure you check out our recipes for Speed bok and your Shiki that one of the main things we use it for also you can use this to deep fry things just saying if you if you stuck and you don have any other oil you can use Crisco and melt it down and deep fryer fried chicken or whatever it is you trying to do you know it works out well now the reason why we use is my mom uses this and my grandmother uses well and my mum finds that it is um it bakes things up nicer okay so it gives you a nicer texture it holds the flour in your baked goods while you mixing them better and it seems to to bake up nice and makes your pastry or your baked