REVIEW - Tom Quayle's: "Diminished Scale Harmony & Application" Lesson Package


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hi my name is Tom and in this video I going to be reviewing Tom quails diminished scale harmony and application lesson package this is an instructional package aimed at guitar players that comes in the form of a digital download so you purchase it from Tom website which I go through in a minute and you download it as a zip file unzip it and all the lesson contents are included there so to get to this you need to go to Tom quails website which is all the W dot Tom quail that qu a yle code at UK and then forward slash lessons and it diminished scale harmony and application at the moment is the second one down but I sure there going to be plenty more to follow the link for that is also in the description so this package is built from lots of different components the core features of which fall in the form of the full HD videos that are included there a 30 minute lesson explanation which has got Tom talking to the camera explaining what the diminished scale is how to use it where to use it how it built up