Motorola ClIQ XT (T-Mobile) - Unboxing and Hands-On


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what going on everybody I Noah from phone DICOM behind the camera that my hand how it going and this is the Motorola Cliq XT with motoblur for t mobile not on the market yet there is no release date officially there is no launch price officially but I have one anyway go figure that how it works met with the folks from Motorola yesterday late yesterday and got low down on the click XT and they gave me one so I could show it to you so here we go while I doing this this is random but I want to say congratulations to Jeff Bridges for winning an Oscar I know it kind of random but I sent up the camera do this video and I was like oh yeah the Oscars today you watch the Oscars the other night I did not catch the Oscars I don generally watch the award show I get kind of kind of bored with award shows but you know I heard some of the results and that cool man that the dude won an Oscar back when I was a teacher I had a boss the head mistress of the school