Omega Shave Soap


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hey guys Wesley from great shave reviews and today I going to show you the Omega shaving cream this stuff is a fairly soft soap essentially if you wanted to you could pull it out of here and put it in something else lid doesn at least this lid doesn really close but overall the shaving cream itself is pretty nice the smell is it kind of has that mentha smell which is basically what I like to call Paul cough drops but it a pretty good soap except for the second or third passes before you real a there notice that your skin is pretty sticky and you definitely do not want to go over an area twice with the razor with this stuff now you might be able to add pre shave oil to like a bowl lather or your face or something like that and it may make a difference but I haven tried that get my brush pretty dry here and we start loading and I used this soap a couple times in each time I had the same results which is the the sticky after effect on my face but after that we get the