DC superhero girls dolls


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hi guys welcome back to a Lana channel hold on his toys Channel and here but in my room somewhere I different now I don mind out there was something um we have three special guests but miss barbie is going to tell about them thank you thank you okay first does it is Alana could you go okay first up is Batgirl hello Batgirl hi I back girl could you tell a little bit of yourself could you move out of my way yeah sure first I have no superpowers I just use like dad jets like super things like I make I meet that why my best friends are Supergirl and Wonder Woman they my best friend in superhero hi you should go there you a superhero gadget people Papa baby boo boo fly away oh that was very interesting now I next up is Wonder Woman hello I am Wonder Woman and I very honored so I though I would you and you need to protect it I have I have super powers I have super strength super speed super strong strong that was like just a little noise and I and I have the lasso of