Barbie in The Pink Shoes #3 Barbie as Giselle - 2013 McDonald's Happy Meal Toy Review


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you are now watching a Lucky Penny shop product feature hey its Lucky Penny shop excited to bring you the number three toy and the Barbie and the pink shoe series this is Barbie as Giselle yes we already shown you the Box another video so we take that out of here and we show you this dial yes what she does is she dances just like the number one in this series so let cut that top open let see what we have so this one here as a spinner nice well I like to see what I like that she noticed on the first aisle is the real looking hair now some of the earlier Happy Meal toys were all the plastic complete plastic so it nice they want a step further put real hair on there you go nice so she dances oh and falls over doing a pirouette what is she doing actually someone out there what is she doing woodsey one across her feet like this specific feet instructions on this one look at see where she actually crossing her toes nice now let check it her check her up in some close detail there