Death Note L Good Smile Figure Review


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hello guys Creepo master here and today i am going to be doing a small review on this awesome Death Note L figure as you may not know I am a huge fan of Death Note and I recently ordered this online it is very cool and it is from the new smile company and it is their new Droid series but anyways as far as that goes this figure is really awesome it definitely as displayed he very easily poseable and it easy to like change his face and that is a really cool feature as you can change his facial expression if you would like to you can also change his body you can put either make him standing with this stand or you can sit him with his awesome the awesome way that he sits of course he wouldn be elevated insulate that but anyways so that cool and here is what he looks like when he has all of his different expressions so yeah so these are all the different expressions and it is very easy to change them all you do is his hair actually pulls apart and you put his new face on and