Prosecutor Say Keep Vybz Kartel Don't Let Him Go


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uphold the conviction prosecutors tell judge to keep cartel in prison as evidence was enough to lock him away what one viewers and subscribers become tune with another dancer appeared today the prosecutors were inquiry tackling the arguments made by the appellants liars and as I said before that their job to go against the defendant and remember the chopped off sharp objects from Vybz Kartel spoon that they have as evidence well they also have an X text message from chance Tom phone we are get to that known in the video so the liars for Vybz Kartel chance Tom Kyra and Angie argued last week that they were child against a contaminated and TNT jewelry so the prosecutor fired back in defense of the judge and said this prosecutors told the court today that what the trial judge had before him was merely an allegation that allegation would need an inquiry Jeremy Taylor argued that there were limits to the type of inquiries that the trial judge could have conducted in fact mr Taylor said an inquiry would mean the rule of secrecy would be breached that because jurors would be questioned about what they said and heard