Samsung Galaxy J2 Pro Quick Review (with Smart Glow)


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hey guys this is Cara Madonna from Moby scrub and here we have the Samsung Galaxy J 2 Pro and like all J series smartphones J 2 Pro comes with Samsung made in India features like the S bike mode the ultra data saving mode and the newest to the block smart glow notification LED system and the turbo speed technology the size of the device is quiet apt even for a single handed use the 5 inch display is most appropriate a convenient usage without causing any issue and the overall device also weighs quiet low making it really easy to handle the device now the device is running android 6 0 1 marshmallow and you notice a new shortcut menu on the bottom edge of the screen that gives access to some nifty utility apps including a mirror that turns on the front camera instantly for you to look at yourself now with Samsung latest TouchWiz interface the device seems to perform quite smoothly the response to touch is flawless and screen transitions and animations seem to be pretty smooth too but the device comes with Samsung latest turbo speed technology that basically makes a device launch native